July 6, 2020

Top 4 Backpacks for Women

No matter how easy or long your commute is, you need a reliable bag to get all your stuff from home to your workplace. The best work bags have plenty of space to hold your computer, phone, lunch, wallet, and other work and personal essentials, but are also stylish and compact enough that you don’t mind carrying it during your lunch errands or to an after-work dinner. From totes to backpacks, we’ve scoured the options and come up with the best work bags for women. While your choice of a work bag is very specific and personal, this list is a great place to start your search for the one that will get you excited to go to work every day.

 Modoker Vintage Backpack

A work bag doesn’t need to be a purse, per se. A backpack is great if you have a long commute or find yourself traveling often for work. The most standout quality about Modoker’s backpack is its vintage appearance. The bag has a minimalist body and two belt buckles that look stylish without being too flashy.

This bag isn’t all looks, though. The material is 600D nylon, which is lightweight, scratch-, tear-, and water-resistant, and great for whatever your journey to the office entails. As for organization, the backpack includes a main compartment, laptop sleeve, secondary pocket, and front pocket with zipper. There are also two side pockets where you can stash items such as umbrellas and water bottles for when you hit the road. The shoulder straps have padding so they’ll be comfortable for the length of your commute. As a bonus, you’ll find an external USB charging port and set-in charging cable that allows you to power up your phone as you walk, though you’ll need to have your own portable battery to use it.

MZ Wallace Medium Metro Oxford Nylon Tote

This tote is the perfect blend of a casual gym bag and a professional-looking work bag, eliminating the need to carry two bags on gym days. The MZ Wallace tote features a diamond-quilted nylon material that’s soft but extremely durable. This fashionable bag is lightweight but very roomy, so you can fit all your work and personal items, as well as your gym gear. It also comes with a removable, zip-top pouch that you can use to store clothes or other personal items. The bag is available in lots of different colors and prints, so you can pick the one that best suits your style and personality.

 Street Level Reversible Faux Leather Tote

Work bags can take a beating so, if you have a tough commute, you may not want to shell out a lot of money for a high-end bag. This tote bag excels in style and functionality, despite its affordable price tag. With faux leather that looks and feels real, the chic bag even comes with a matching wristlet that you can clip inside it. It’s also reversible, so it’s really like getting two bags in one. You’ll fit your laptop, lunch, umbrella, personal items and even a pair of shoes in this spacious tote. It’s also a perfect bag for weekend shopping and errand running after work.

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